Sunday, 27 March 2016

VETIVER deodorant stick by Guerlain

Aah, Vetiver, vetiver, vetiver. Just the sound of it brings to mind springsong, verdant scenes, and zingy dreams of pastures green. (I'm a poet, and I know it... hope I don't blow it" - Bob Dylan).

Vetiver deodorant stick by Guerlain
I bought this online in England at the end of October 2015, for £20.70 plus p&p (shipping, to you American folk who call everything shipping EVEN WHEN SHIPS AREN'T USED), and it is just about running out now in mid-March 2016. It's Easter Sunday today. I put this on after my shower this morning, and my wife said, "What's that your wearing? Is it aftershave or just deodorant?", so I told her, and she said, "you should just wear that more often - sometimes you overdo it with your aftershave, with this I can still smell you, and just a little freshness from the deodorant".

So there we have it. This deodorant has lasted me 4-5 months, which is pretty good going really, and it's given me much enjoyment in that time for my twenty pounds. 

Yes, it's not as strong as the Vetiver eau de cologne, nor would you want it to be. These designer deodorants just give off a nice whiff occasionally as you pass by, and wearing them just exudes a little class in a very subtle way, I think. Especially when they're made by Guerlain.

Vetiver - the deodorant stick - is fresh, lemony, bergamoty and vetivery, and doesn't offer you the protection from odour you would get from an anti-perspirant, but then why would you want something to stop a primary bodily function? "Oh, hello, Mrs Chemist, have you got any anti-respirant? I've got bad breath". Exactly.

Instead, this mingles with your body odour to provide something much sexier, and presumably much fewer long-term health implications. While an English autumn, winter and spring (in other words, cold and rainy for six months) didn't really test this out too much, I did spend three weeks of that time 7 degrees north of the equator, where no deodorant or even anti-perspirant is going to do much for you, and this... well, let's just say it was nice for the first minute after a shower, before you became drenched in sweat again. 

So yes, I would definitely recommend this for its fresh, zingy vibe - a great way to get you going of a morning, and excellent longevity and therefore value for money. Interestingly, in England it goes on clear and dries pretty quickly. In the Tropics, it went white straight away and took much longer to dry. Didn't leave any stains or anything, just the effect of the temperature I guess. Go forth, purchase, and enjoy! 

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